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Wednesday, October 05, 2005 


Yes, I also knit. I have three projects in progress and a Lelah top (not forgetting the Colchique) coming up as soon as I'm done with at least two of the currents. The most urgent of the three is a thing for my friend Fi , or rather for her baby, who is predicted to pop out within a month or so. Fi is also a lovely knitter so I won't post any pictures of the thing until it's done, but I think it should turn out kinda cute. As does anything in size "newborn".

My second project is not as urgent but I'm really keen on finishing since I think now is the perfect season for it; a quite colourful (yet stylish) vest in a Norwegian wool yarn. So far I've reached the arm holes. You can't tell from the picture (and neither could I so I had a little surprise when I got the kit in the mail), but the ribbing at the bottom, around arm holes and in the front is cabled, and the pink stripes begins with yarn over-holes and continues with some other tricks. The coulors are however quite the same as in the picture. Dazzling.

The third project, in the bottom of my wastepaper basket now known as my knitting basket, is just an alpaca scarf to go with the beret I finished a month ago when I thought it was getting colder. It wasn't, and therefore I'm not too eager to finish a neverending scarf in k1p1.

My main focus at the moment is however the evening gown. Today Fi helped me with the fitting and now I am trying to keep calm before an invisible zipper that is not the least bit compatible with my sewing machine. As I'm not too compatible with zippers either I think I'll just knit a bit in front of the skinny girls on "Top Model Scandinavia". They should be knitting instead, don't you think?

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