Friday, October 28, 2005 

This could be the beginning

of a beautiful friendship. I got started on the colchique yesterday, and accomplished 12 cm before bedtime. I would publish a picture if Blogger would just allow it, but it's currently not possible to upload any pictures. Anyhow, it's going quite great; there's nothing like watching the first growing centimetres of your new project. Very satisfying! I think I'll have to get another couple of skeins, though, since the sweater only measures 37 cm from bottom to armhole. That's nothing. I hate getting my lovehandle cold in the wintertime. Yesterday when I was at the library I actually saw a girl reading with a nice big scarf wrapped around her waist. That's what happens when low-cut pants and short tops meets the brisky climate of Sweden.

Thursday, October 27, 2005 

One down, no clue of how many to go

I'm finally done with the baby thing, a french grenouillère, and the baby hasn't even been born yet! I found some beautiful buttons at my LYS, turquoise mother of pearl. I must say, seeing the grenouillère hanging there brings the starfish-haired Maggie Simpson to mind. I sinecerely hope that the mother-to-be is too busy doing pregnancy things to be reading this blog.

Today is the day of the Colchique yarn procurement. After lots of consideration I've decided to go for a greyish/misty green which I think will bring out the best of the point fantasie. But before this joyeous event I have to pay my bills to be sure to afford it (like that would stop me) and read 70 pages of a book that appears to be quite boring. The thought of spending my Thursday night knitting échantillons will hopefully help me to keep the good spirit up. : )

Also, for the Cristmas lovers out there (yes Sofie, you), I've found some absolutely lovely Santa-girl (tomteflickor) kits at the hardware store next to my LYS. If I by any chance will have any money left after the yarn purchasing, this is what I'll spend it on. Adorable!

Saturday, October 22, 2005 

Saturday night, barely alive

I've spent the last five hours reading about the development of the British administration in the seventeenth century. No, I know, I almost can't believe it myself. I have so much to read I can't even attend my boyfriend's mom's birthday dinner in Stockholm. I will make myself a sad little dinner and eat it in front of the TV, maybe read some more (since I can't remember anything of what I read during that last hour at the library) and then try and get some progress on the baby thing. I'm so stressed about that, I hope the baby won't pop out too soon. I'd hate it if I didn't have time to finish the thing before the baby had outgrown it.

I'm so craving to begin with the colchique, but I don't know if I can afford the yarn this month and I really would like something merino but I think I'll end up less satisfied and with a superwash instead. In stash I have a beautiful lilac cotton for the Lelah top, but I actually think I'll have more use of a nice irish pullover than a tiny tank top for the next six months. Obviously, that is the time it will take me to finish, but I think it's an argument that will work on my boyfriend when he starts to reproach me for all my unfinished projects.

Thursday, October 20, 2005 

Nothing I do is ever good enough

I hate my life, I hate the comparative administration course I'm currently taking and I would very much like to go someplace really really far far away. I don't read fast enough, I don't understand good enough, I don't write good enough, I'm not clever enough. I'm going nowhere, there's too much dishes in the sink and despite the Pilates I've still got a lovehandle. There's not even that much love about it, it's just a handle. I don't knit fast enough, I don't sew zippers good enough. I don't have any carrots to make carrot cake and I've got curlers all over my head so I can't go to the store. Please teleport me away.

Friday, October 14, 2005 

Augmenter, oui

Yes, it is now very obvious that "augmenter" means both "increase" and "cast on". Stupid french. On the bright side, the babything is now progressing nicely as consequence of this revelation .

I'm still on the worse schedule ever, and will be so for the rest of October, so I won't be taking enough care of my blog for a couple of weeks to come. But I've been thinking of a new font for the header and some new links, and then spreading the word of my knitblog so my hits won't be just me double-checking my updates and Sofie obeying direct orders.

Monday, October 10, 2005 

Erase and rewind

I got my paper done in time, but the seminar tomorrow will be emba-rassing since I managed to conclude nothing in four pages. No, that's true, it was supposed to be four pages, but I only produced three. On the bright side I have unraveled numerous rows from the thing I'm knitting for the baby to come, and will now cast on instead of increase, and see where that leads.

I was supposed to take pictures of my projects today, but the camera was out of batteries so I put the most current project in the scanner instead. It's kind of nougat.

Sunday, October 09, 2005 

Cookie press

Take my word for it: don't bother.


The three worlds of welfare capitalism

That's what I've been doing for the last four days. Now I have to produce a paper, expressing my methodological critique of this innovative, now classical theory of how welfare states are organized and why. Oh dear.

There has been too little creativity these last days. I think I will inaugurate the cookie-press I got from my boyfriends' mom last Christmas. It's quite an impressive utensil, so I don't really know why haven't come to use it yet. Well, tonight's the night. The biggest problem will be deciding which of the ten different cookie shapes to go for. I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, October 06, 2005 

Augmenter? Comment ça?

I've been following the discussions on the colchique-along about knitting in French and the problems of understanding and translating, and as I've knitted in French myself I thought that it's not that big a deal once you've gotten started. But this thing I'm doing, for the baby to come, is in French, and I would now really like to know if augmentations has many different meanings, since my augmentations doesn't look the least bit like the picture and instead of sleeves I now have little balloons, one at each shoulder. Maybe all of a sudden it doesn't mean "increase" but "cast on"? I'll try casting on instead, it can't get worse. My blogfriends won't help me, I only have one and I taught her to knit last week...

Wednesday, October 05, 2005 


Yes, I also knit. I have three projects in progress and a Lelah top (not forgetting the Colchique) coming up as soon as I'm done with at least two of the currents. The most urgent of the three is a thing for my friend Fi , or rather for her baby, who is predicted to pop out within a month or so. Fi is also a lovely knitter so I won't post any pictures of the thing until it's done, but I think it should turn out kinda cute. As does anything in size "newborn".

My second project is not as urgent but I'm really keen on finishing since I think now is the perfect season for it; a quite colourful (yet stylish) vest in a Norwegian wool yarn. So far I've reached the arm holes. You can't tell from the picture (and neither could I so I had a little surprise when I got the kit in the mail), but the ribbing at the bottom, around arm holes and in the front is cabled, and the pink stripes begins with yarn over-holes and continues with some other tricks. The coulors are however quite the same as in the picture. Dazzling.

The third project, in the bottom of my wastepaper basket now known as my knitting basket, is just an alpaca scarf to go with the beret I finished a month ago when I thought it was getting colder. It wasn't, and therefore I'm not too eager to finish a neverending scarf in k1p1.

My main focus at the moment is however the evening gown. Today Fi helped me with the fitting and now I am trying to keep calm before an invisible zipper that is not the least bit compatible with my sewing machine. As I'm not too compatible with zippers either I think I'll just knit a bit in front of the skinny girls on "Top Model Scandinavia". They should be knitting instead, don't you think?

Monday, October 03, 2005 

Just swell

After some serious beating about the bush I got myself together last night and got to the cutting out, and it went swell. Today I've continued with the lining and interfacing and have even started to sew. As I was standing in front of the mirror with the pieces literally pinned to my body my boyfriend came in and started to ask me if it's really supposed to look like that, if it's not too tight, if I won't look like a sausage (as we say in Sweden). I don't think I will, I'll post a picture as soon as I've got something to show. I'm a bit anxious, even though I've done similar dresses before. But I've never had to compete with roaylties before, and apparently the Crown Princess will give us the honor. Oh, well. What's a royal ball?

Sunday, October 02, 2005 


On 5th November, my dearest and I will attend a very stylish banquet at our local castle. For this event I've bought 4 meters of silk which I intend to turn into an evening gown. At this moment I've pinned the pattern to the expensive fabric and now I'm not sure if I dare cutting it out. The place is neat and tidy, I've (almost) done the dishes, so I don't know what else to do but to cut it out. Blog a bit, maybe.



Today is the birthday of my brand new blog! I've been a fan of lovely blogs owned by lovely knitters for some time now, and since I'm a knitter too I want to join the club of lovely knitters with blogs.

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