Monday, December 18, 2006 


A few months ago, I stumbled across a beautiful knitting pattern on the web, in some webshop. It was a short puff sleeved top with a quite high rectangular neck line and a lace insertion, maybe three inches wide, running from top to bottom left of the center. I think the shown top was in a brownish red/terracotta. It was adorable. I didn't bookmark it. Has anyone seen it? Can you tell me where it is?

I'd say the webshop was kind of cool and young, not like Elann or something grandmother-ish, and I think the designer was accredited, and she had several designs in this shop.

Does this description fit anything you've seen? Please help me!

Monday, December 11, 2006 

Happy holidays

Sunday, December 10, 2006 

I told you

After a short escapade into the land of variegated sock yarn, I have returned once and for all to my solid state of disrespect for the abovementioned string. What was I thinking? I even cast on for beautiful lace socks! With variegated yarn! What was I thinking?

Ok, this is what it first looked like:

The yarn itself still looks nice, and I made a picot edge that was fiddly but cute. But you can't see the beautful lace pattern of Flickering flames, which is a shame. I frogged.

This is what it looks like now:

Much better, but if I try and look at it soberly, it is still a damn ugly variegated sock. And the yarn is more orange in real life.

Long story short, I'm glad I tried, but I'll never do it again. It's such a shame, because I really really love the look of this yarn. It just makes ugly socks. I did buy the yarn just for myself, but right now I'm considering making the socks a Christmas present. For anybody.

Today I've wrapped up the secret X-mas swap package I'm sending to Germany. I'm very excited, but there hasn't been much swap action yet. I've secretly emailed the girl who's getting my package, but she hasn't responded, and I haven't heard anything from the person I'm supposed to receive my gift from. I guess swaps are risky business, but I hope this one is going to work out. I'm quite satisfied with the package I'm sending, and I think that if you make a package you'd like to get yourself, you can't go wrong.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006 


My stash has been improved during these last few days, and it's all internationally procured yarn. More or less.

First, a colleague came into my office with a plastic bag. She is moving to a new place and knew I really like yarn, so when she found seven hanks of Ålandish Skärgårdsull, she thought of me and gave it to me! They're 300 m each, three brown and four white, knits up to 22/10 cm. Definitely enough for a sweater.

Also, my Helloyarn order came yesterday, express delivery at the door! I had no clue it was going to be express, shipping wasn't that expensive. I was thrilled to squeeze my two merino sock skeins, and today I've been browsing for patterns to do them justice. First I'll knit something of "Syrup", the peach/orange one, and then we'll see what the "Lime twist" will become. I know Saartje knit beautiful socks earlier this fall, with one solid and one multicoloured yarn. When I saw them, I started looking for that multicoloured yarn, and when I didn't find it I forgot about it. Maybe this yarn is the one for such a project...

And as if all this wasn't enough, I got some Croatian stash enhancement today! A month ago or two I asked for a swap here on the blog, and Sandra from Croatia responded. Today I got her package: Yarn, ribbon, buttons, stickers and candy! Very exciting to get Croatian yarn... it might be the only Croatian yarn I have in all my life!

Thank you Sandra!

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