Tuesday, October 31, 2006 

More mittens

I've knit mittens. Somebody will get them for his/her birthday, so I won't show the monogrammed side of the mitten. It's the Helloyarn pirate mittens knit in Létt Lopi, only one skein of each colour. Gauge is 22, so they're slightly bigger than in the pattern, but that was the point. Fun and quick to knit, but I prefer traditional motifs rather than pirates. Good thing they're not for me...

Thursday, October 26, 2006 

My mum's mittens

I went to Umeå again last weekend, although it was for business purposes this time. I didn't mind though, since I got to spend another few days with my mum. She had almost finished a pair of beautiful mittens, with a pattern put together from different mitten patterns from some library book she couldn't remember the name of. The yarn is Nagano, a superwash, and her gauge is around 27. I think adding a third colour really gives a whole new dimension to the beauty of these mittens. They're quite long, so I was thinking I could knit them removing one row of stars. Look closely, even the middle of the star is red!

Here at my new workplace they have an artclub that has arranged an "amateur salon". I've contributed with a few knitted items, and two days ago a man from another department called me up and asked how much I wanted for knitting a Tärnabymössa for him... I'm going professional! Yesterday I ordered "Baby Ull" from Garntjänst, and tossed in some lavender Top Wool on sale, possibly for a baby item. They ship within Sweden for only SEK 35, so if you find something there on sale (and they're quite cheap sometimes) it's actually not that bad. It's difficult to find decent wool there, though. They appear to be focusing on grandmother knitting; the kind that requires lots of acrylic instead of love, wool and artistery.

And last week I received my own copy of "Lat-minute knitted gifts". Now I know what the fuss is all about! Super cute, lovely photos and nice patterns, though they seem to be a bit too basic for my knitting taste. I haven't made pom-poms in decades...

Saturday, October 14, 2006 

Washcloths and mittens

Yesterday I got the Lion Brand newsletter and came across something as unknown as washcloths. I figured it was knit for the kitchen, but googling led me to the distinction between washcloths and dishcloths. Tvättlapp och disktrasa. I could only think of one area of usage, and not a pretty one, so I figured it was kind of odd that it seems to be such a widespread phenomenon. I found this blog, and after reading even the comments I learned all there is to know about washcloths. Apparently you don't get clean if you only use soap in the shower. You're just nasty. I was stunned, and sice I don't want to be nasty or anything, I quickly cast on forty stitches with a spring green cotton originally destined for a crocheted amigurumi cat (who needs cats anyway?), and made a triangular pattern, so I would get a reversible washcloth. And ta-daa:

(I surrendered at the thought of using it for the face. I've started a war on pores.)

Apparently, two washcloths and a matching soap makes a great gift. Good to know with Christmas around the corner. And it only took two hours, including some internetting in between, to make it. It should be perfect for train knitting as well.

Today I procured a very lovely yarn for yet another birthday present. I'm gonna knit mittens, and I think it will be pirate mittens. For a person maybe not yet down with the supremacy of knitting and handmade knitwear I think it might be a good introduction. Behold Létt-Lopi and its beautiful lustre.

Friday, October 13, 2006 


I'm back from Norrland, and have been quite busy this week and therefore haven't kept the promises from before our departure, and I won't fulfil them today either. I have pics of Shedir, but will give it to the birthday person tomorrow and I think pics of the garment on its owner looks better. I have no pics of my new spinning project and am very uninspired at the moment, since I don't really get the spinning thing (when is it twisted enough? why is the merino breaking?) and am too lazy to read the spinning book I bought. I can't post any pics of the fish we caught, since we didn't catch any. I will however give you some pretty views of Norrbotten at its prettiest. I repeatedly expressed my awe of the stunning colours until Erik said: "It makes you think of yarn, doesn't it?"

This is my grandmother and me in front of Storforsen, a waterfall in Piteälven, both wearing stuff she's knitted. True to her habit never to look directly into the camera.

Pretty norrlandish view:
And of course:

I was so happy we got to see reindeers, since I really wanted to show Erik, born and raised in Stockholm, the real Norrland. I met a woman from Boden (even further up north) this week and told her about the adventure, and she said that not seeing reindeers would have been a feat. I think they're kind of sick of the reindeers up north. They're extrordinarily stupid (the reindeers, that is) and won't move even if you slowly push them with the front of the car. Not that I did. This male snorted at us and ran off with his three buddies, all by himself.

We did try to fish, but apparently October isn't fishing season. But we got to borrow a boat from my aunt's husband and rowed out on Lyckoträsket, which wasn't a very lucky place for us. But stunning, as the clouds floated away and left us with a clear blue sky, blue water, a dense silence, surrounded by autumn colours and sunset to remember.

Monday, October 02, 2006 

Can you handle this?

(Oh yes, I'm so funny. Handle.)

Before I leave civilization for the more north of Sweden such as Umeå and Piteå, I give you a peek of what I've been doing these last days. I bought the cable bag pattern last week, and after two entire days (oh well) of searching, I found a good enough yarn at my LYS, namely Alafoss Lopi. I really like the colour and I think it'll be great with my new navy blue autumn coat. It might be a bit greener in reality, but the pic's close enough.

The handles come from Panduro, who actually has quite a few bag handles and other nice stuff in that area.

Thursday will be my one-year blog anniversary! I won't be online enough to celebrate it, but I give you promises: Next week I shall give you pictures of the secret birthday Shedir, my upcoming spinning project and hopefully the poor norrlandish fish who are still happily unaware of our fishy plans...

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