Friday, November 16, 2007 

November update

But no pics today, I'm secretly blogging at work.

I finished the socks (shown in my last post) after some back and forthing. I asked my boss to try them on to see if they were close to the 45's I was aiming for, and he said the length was fine but that they were too wide. As I had just reached the second instep I made a few more decreases and figured I'd rip the first sock as soon as I was done with the second, but trying the first sock on another bigfooted friend I found that the first sock was perfectly fine and that my boss has skinny feet. Rip the second, then. Now they're just awaiting the weaving in of the ends, and I've moved on to more amusing tasks.

I've taken up my entrelac scarf and found that I might have come further than I thought. I bought five skeins of Noro Kureyon, but I think I'll only need the fourth to have a decent scarf. And the pattern also calls for four, so why overdo it? I'm looking forward to blocking it into beauty, but I'm curious about the texture of Kureyon knitted on 5 mm. I think it's quite dense and almost rough, and probably not very drapey. I'm curoius to see what miracles the blocking will perform.

Last night I pampered myself with some tiny, small moves-knitting, instead of the hard work that is entrelac, and cast on for the Endpaper mitts. For main colour I used the mocca coloured Opal Uni that Theresia got me (interestingly enoguh the same yarn used for my first Bayerische sock... we'll see which project makes it to finishing line first), and for contrast an offwhite baby ull I had lying around. I started with 2.5 mm, but as I suspected it turned out too big and I'm going to rip my 11 rows of pattern and change to my brand new 2 mm 15 cm bamboo dpn's Melissa sent me. Yay! I'm also thinking of switching colours, because the main colour doesn't look so main to me, and the mittens turn out a bit too white. White isn't excellent on hands. Not for long, at least.

Sunday, November 04, 2007 

Moving forward

It struck me the other day that I've totally gotten my knitting mojo back. I've finished the Solar mitts my SP gave me yanr and book for, cast on for the sweater (though I'm not quite on top of it, since this much cables takes forever to get speedy with) and suddenly felt like knitting the socks intended for my best friend's dad, who helped me install my dishwasher. (Pen is for scale only. Men have big feet. It looks like a Christmas stocking.)



I'm using Raggi from Järbo, knits up at 19 sts/10 cm, 70% wool and 30% nylon for durability (but not knitting pleasure, let me assure you), 4mm bamboo dpn's.

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