Tuesday, September 04, 2007 


Every day I get the "Kntting daily" newsletter, which is kind of a good way to keep in touch with your inner knitter. Today's feature is a scarf/stole from some knitting book, and I get quite happy just looking at it. The colours are almost summery, but the weather here in Stockholms isn't, so my mind wanders freely: Instead of KSH, which is kind of expensive if you're going for the whole rainbow, I'd go for Drops Alpaca (prolly bestest yarn ever) which has also good yardage and ridiculous softness but at a much better price. If you'd get ten colours you'd end up around SEK 400 with Alpaca instead of SEK 1100 with KSH. I'm just saying.

Free pattern from Knitting Daily, thank you very much!

Sunday, September 02, 2007 


I went to cold rainy and sunny Trondheim a week ago, and spent five days conferencing medical education. On Monday my cold escalated and I snuck off during lunch to get yarn and needles. I had downloaded a free pattern from Garnstudio and cast on for some serious socks. I had no hope of getting them done before heading home again, but I loved having a simple knitting nearby during the tiring sessions of blah blah blah and other things related to medical education worldwide. And I got some great bamboo dpn's that are a treat to knit with. One sock down:

Oddest thing when it was done: the pattern called for one skein of Drops Alpaca, of each colour, for each sock (four skeins for the pair). This is what I had left after this beautiful sock was done:

I thought I'd have just about as much of both skeins, since the sock is knitted with yarns held double. Really strange. And I knitted the medium size, and the larger size would also only require one skein of each. I would never have been able to make a size bigger with that purple skein.

The heel:

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