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Thursday, October 06, 2005 

Augmenter? Comment ça?

I've been following the discussions on the colchique-along about knitting in French and the problems of understanding and translating, and as I've knitted in French myself I thought that it's not that big a deal once you've gotten started. But this thing I'm doing, for the baby to come, is in French, and I would now really like to know if augmentations has many different meanings, since my augmentations doesn't look the least bit like the picture and instead of sleeves I now have little balloons, one at each shoulder. Maybe all of a sudden it doesn't mean "increase" but "cast on"? I'll try casting on instead, it can't get worse. My blogfriends won't help me, I only have one and I taught her to knit last week...

Unfortunately, I am not an expert in this arena. Why isn't there a translation in English to understand better?

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