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Thursday, June 15, 2006 

Will it float?

Yesterday, I did what every actually but not technically (or the other way around) bankrupt girl would do: buy her first knitting magazine, in this case Simply Knitting. (Yes, it's true I've never bought one before.) My dear friend Sofie bought the last issue, and I saw their preview of coming patterns and maybe didn't quite fall in love but at least got my eyes opened for a little retro jacket. (I thought I'd find a pic online to post here, but it might be true what they say about the UK, that they're a bit behind in some areas.) Anyway, it's a kind of sixties honeycomb patterned jacket, straight lines, raglan sleeves and knitted buttons (nope, I won't go there).

When my mum was here a couple of weeks ago she brought all the pieces for a knitted jacket I ordered from a machine-knitter four years ago (before I knitted stuff bigger than scarves), but was too diasappointed with to ever put together. It's taupe with details in offwhite, and I think it'd be great for this little retro jacket, but obviously, selbstverständlich, bien entendu, säkert som amen i kyrkan: I don't think I have quite enough yarn. The yardage of the yarns (the one called for and the one I have) are the same, but I have 17 skeins knitted into the jacket i have, of which one is white which makes it 16, and the pattern calls for 18. What to do? I measured around a bit last night, and the retro jacket measures 42 cm from armhole to hem, which is quite long. I might shorten it a bit? Amazons like myself should never shorten jackets, but I think it'll be more Jackie O if I do. In the magazine there is no pic that shows the entire garment, so it's hard to tell if it's long or not. And I do have a jacket knitted in this yarn; why shouldn't it be enough for a different one? Also, the retro jacket has 3/4 sleeves, and the sleeves I have are full length.

Please, can somebody just tell me I have enough yarn!?

Well, Jackie O is of course an ideal to strive for. And 3/4 sleeves are always very stylish. I've said my piece.

gosh.. I'm knitting my first-ever-real-sweater at this point... so I'm hardly an expert... but I do love 3/4 sleeves and you look like you have the figure to pull of a shorter jacket, so I'd say, start with one of the options and see how much yarn it wil produce.

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