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Tuesday, May 16, 2006 

Baby knitting and secret pals

I must agree with Pia that this secret pal thing makes lovely things take place within you. Just as you are bursting out in confetti inside, only out of the planning, spying, scheming for your spoilee, you get a little message from your very own secret pal and you're reminded that all the joy you're about to give away is coming right back to you, multiplied! Actually, it makes me think of something I learned during an economy course; when you use money to pay for something, the person you buy it from gets your money, and can buy something in her part, and so it goes on and on. (It's called "penningmängdsmultiplikatorn" in Swedish. It also gives you a hint of the flexibility of the beautiful Swedish tongue. Please note the "s" in the middle of the word, a letter you place between the second and third word in a compound of three separate words.) And secret pal is exactly the same thing! I know it sounds corny, but this is already such a lovely project. I'm so happy I joined, and especially right now! I'm having a summer of work and very little money ahead of me, my BF will be abroad for over a month, and during my four week vacation I'm going to have to finish a major paper I was supposed to have done in December (procrastination...). It's all good things, in a broader perspective, to have both a decent holiday work and vacation, a BF who's seeing the world and to be able to choose when to write my paper, but it might be tough when I'm in the middle of it. That's why I'm so happy I'm in this love project with all these astonishingly loving women who aim to please, literally. If only the world was ruled by them... *stroking my chin, gazing into the beyond*

On the knitting front, I'm one third into the cutest little thing for a cousin's baby due in mid-June:
It's a Garnstudio pattern, knit in their alpaca. (And you know what? The yarn is recycled! You can never guess what I frogged...) It's knit from the left side front edge to the right, sleeves and all in one piece. What you see on the right is the left side front and two thirds of the left sleeve. It's knit with short rows, I think, and I just can't figure out what colours the buttons should be. Any suggestions?

I took the photo using my new mobile camera. I know it doesn't take the best pictures, but I don't know why I always have to wait until late and dusk with immortalizing my WIP's. The colours are, as always, not accurate. It's baby pink and a greyish purple/dark lilac, a match made if not in heaven then at least halfway up.

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