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Sunday, May 28, 2006 

I got mail!

What a weekend! It started already on Wednesday (since Thursday was a holiday here in Sweden and Friday is a "squeezeday" and hence also workfree), when I came home to a package from my very own secret pal. I can tell you're a darling, and I'm so happy to get cared for by you during the next three months. This is what the package looked like after unwrapping:

I got a little "appetizer" (good thinking, SP!) consisting of teabags (I really liked the apple), a notebook (already proven useful), a heart-shaped soap, dark chocolate and a cookie recipe I haven't had the time to try out, but I can tell it has all the necessities in it (chocolate, nuts, oat). And a pretty card loaded with kind words.

And from this good it just got better: My mum came to visit me from 650 kilometres away, and we had lots of fun. Thursday my boyfriend's parents and brother with girlfriend came for dinner. It was the first time our parents met, and I think it went very well. Friday we went to Stockholm and saw an exhibition of the queen's (yes, I live in a land of fairy tales) all Nobel dresses and some other of her fancy gowns as well. They were all so tiny! I thought she was kind of average/petite, but she's so petite I must have outgrew her before I was even a teenager. It was great looking at really gourgeous gowns though. After that, we went to an ancient silk weavery in Stockholm, to see how they made posh silk fabrics for the kings and queens of this fairy tale caountry, and also some commons, in the 19th century. It was very interesting, and exhausting too: it takes two weeks just to rig the loom! We had dinner at my boyfriend's parents' house, and stumbled into bed after eight hours of constant walking.

Saturday was another great day (and actually had something to do with knitting), because my best friend with husband and their three dolls also known as my godchildren came for a visit. It was the first time my mum met them, so that was also an important gathering. I got a beautiful brown bag labeled "Yll & Tyll" with five skeins of leaf green merino wool, to knit a guernsey for the youngest of them. (Actually a great deal for all of us; I get free yarn, they get a sweater. It's a win-win!) His second birthday is in July, so I've already cast on for it. Oddly enough I don't have the right circular for the part above the first 13 rows, so today I'm trying to finish (yeah right) the baby cardigan/former Deep V I posted about a week ago or so. It is actually horribly boring to knit, even after changing to a shorter circular for less cord tangling. It's the same thing, just back and forth, for probably a metre or so in the end. I did get some cute buttons though, but the camera is elsewhere today, so you'll all have to hold your breath for the documentation.

Sounds like a good weekend! What a nice and thoughtful package - it suits you just right! The fact that your SP sent you a recipe only shows that she/he has gotten a really good idea of you aleady:) ..

Anyways, about the circulars that you didn't have - I have a set of Boyds Needles, so if you need anything, I'm pretty I have it. They're kind of stiff to work with in the beginning, but it might be worth it if you need to save money as much as I do this month. Wow.. I think this might be the longest post I've ever written! Anyways, take care!

pS: no 8-train tomorrow I presume? Call me otherwise!

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