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Tuesday, April 18, 2006 

Back from the land of the sheep

I spent Easter on Gotland, the wooliest piece of Swedish territory surrounded by water. (?) We saw sheep and lambs they were all very cute. I didn't get to buy any yarn, probably because: 1) everything was closed due to holidays, 2) I was broke, 3) I spent all Easter (Thursday through Sunday) mostly in bed with the most evil (and I mean Evil) flu I have ever had. There were no vomiting and no fever, but apart from that this baby had it all! I had to actually stretch and twist my head to be able to swallow, and that was if I had taken enough painkillers. Oh poor poor me. Vacations like that make work fun.

All the knitting I had planned to do, like almost finish the shoulderette, is still undone. With 12 days to go, the tension is growing, but I might still be able to make it. No plans for tonight, so maybe I can knit an inch or two.

On the bright side, my new mobile has arrived and it's so cool I'm blushing. There's a number problem though, since my phone number won't be transferred until July, so I have to use a temporary number until then. Quite uncool. But it has a great camera, video camera and radio. I'm thinking of knitting a cover, so it will stay fresh forever. Pink might be the colour.

Absolutely - go for pink! - you could have small pearls knitted into it. and maybe a flower on, or a smiley... or, I have nice pattern of a very cute, happy star. Maybe that would work? But first the shoulderette, i guess. Happy knitting!

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