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Tuesday, May 02, 2006 

Yet another ball

Yup, Sunday was the big ball night. Everything went unexpectedly smooth; the shoulderette was finished on time, the dress fit well and was updated with pink palettes and shoulder straps, and the stains from last ball caved in to the detergent. The ball itself was also very nice, although I think balls are just dinners with fancy clothes. People aren't very much nicer or funnier or anything, it's still just good food, and you get equally intoxicated as you would any other night. The dancing is different, with live music and evergreens, but that might be it. I think the best part is the getting ready, doing the hair and being ridiculously satisfied with your own appearance. Oh well.

The shoulderette improved enormously from the blocking (oh, the benefits of careful blocking!), and even the boyfriend thought it looked nice. (He still thinks the only thing I've knitted worth wearing is the Tärnabymössa. No fan of knitting, no.) I should have taken a better picture of the shoulderette, though, but I can tell you it's a nice little piece of garment, but it doesn't behave very well. It might be the cotton/viscose yarn, kind of slippery, but it doesn't stay put at all. No sudden moves allowed. Also, it might be kind of big, even though I made it slightly smaller than the pattern. That too might be because of the yarn, and my biggest conclusion from this is that wool rocks! Keep away from synthetics, it's a waste of valuable knitting time and experience.

Next up is the continuation of the gloves, still no bigger than a couple of inches. I do have a new mobile with a quite decent camera and a USB cable, so nothing should really stop me from being a better blogger, sharing every bit of progress. I don't know what it is. Might be the spring.

Wow! Du ser ju helt fantastisk ut! Man ser inte så mycket av shoulderetten, så den vill vi ha en till bild på, men du är i alla fall skitsnygg. Och det är ju det som räknas när man går på bal!

it's pretty! and you too :)

but i agree about wool, it's the only fibre i desire to knit with apart from an occasional playing around with silk or linen. have not even felt the slightest temptation to have a go with cotton...


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