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Sunday, June 18, 2006 

Another finished object!

Reading this blog it's obvious I do finish things, and yet I feel slow and improductive. I think being a knit blog addicted gives you so much input and inspiration, there's always so much more to knit and create you always feel that whatever you do you fall short compared to everyone else. I know of at least ten things I'd like to knit before the end of this year, and they just keep coming! I only have so much time... This said, maybe I should try and see knitting from a less productive and more reproductive point of view.

But it's true, I just finished the Drops Alpaca cardigan for my cousin's daughter who arrived yesterday. I do think you can tell if a baby will be a boy or a girl; I'm seldom surprised. This one seems to have been an obvious case for many: my mum, my grandmother and the newborn's other grandmother (not my aunt) have all knitted in pink despite not being certain on what sex the baby was. (The whole knitting-in-pink-for-girls is a different discussion, though.)

This is how it came out:

It won't be the family heirloom I was aiming for, due to a wide range of inconsistencies on my part. I bound off too tightly, and I changed the gauge during progress, which makes the right frontpiece an inch longer than the left. It's so stupid I can only laugh about it and think it makes it look a bit more childish/Pippi LÃ¥ngstrump/cute/weird. The sleeves also take part in this gauge issue, even though I think I managed to block the major differences away. I also didn't think too much while binding off and casting on for the sleeves, so I couldn't sew them together the same way. Stupid, stupid. Anyway, I don't think it will show too much. And apart from the right front piece, all the measurements are correct according to the pattern.

Here's a closeup of the buttons, but the colour is more like in the pic above.

Did you use a pattern for the cardigan? I love it!

It's really pretty & cute! Well done! (also interested in the pattern)

sooo cute!!! *applause*

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