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Monday, October 02, 2006 

Can you handle this?

(Oh yes, I'm so funny. Handle.)

Before I leave civilization for the more north of Sweden such as Umeå and Piteå, I give you a peek of what I've been doing these last days. I bought the cable bag pattern last week, and after two entire days (oh well) of searching, I found a good enough yarn at my LYS, namely Alafoss Lopi. I really like the colour and I think it'll be great with my new navy blue autumn coat. It might be a bit greener in reality, but the pic's close enough.

The handles come from Panduro, who actually has quite a few bag handles and other nice stuff in that area.

Thursday will be my one-year blog anniversary! I won't be online enough to celebrate it, but I give you promises: Next week I shall give you pictures of the secret birthday Shedir, my upcoming spinning project and hopefully the poor norrlandish fish who are still happily unaware of our fishy plans...

Ojojoj! Jag kan knappt vänta!! Och vad fin väskan kommer bli!

Love handles! Will you felt bag? Coloure is great!

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