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Tuesday, September 19, 2006 


My sock-idol, former SP and ditto spoilee Theresia just broguht the Socktoberfest to my knowledge, and I immediately joined! Since finishing the Norwegian stockings I've been thinking about entering deeper into the mysteries of sockknitting, especially the toe-up socks, and to make this a true tribute to my idol I'm gonna make Baudelaire from Knitty's summer issue, as is she, in the hot pink sockyarn and with the bamboo DPN's she secretly sent me a few months ago. Theresia, I salute you!

And also, what season could be more appropriate for sockknitting? It's like the month was named with this fact in mind. Socktober. And it works just as well in Swedish. Long live the Germanic languages!

I hope to finish my Hedera socks before october so I can cast on for a new pair (perhaps the norweigans...?) on October 1st!

Dear Linn,
Socktober comes from "Oktoberfest". I hope you know what this is.

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