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Wednesday, September 06, 2006 

I've saved a soul!

The most amazing thing happened today. I actually feel like a missionary who's saved a soul. One of my best friends, a regular rock'n'roll gal with leather jacket and no clue on how to boil an egg, called me a week ago and said she wanted to start knitting. I thought she was just making fun of me, but yesterday she actually went to buy yarn (acrylic, but still) and needles, and today I taught her how to cast on over the phone. On the third attempt she got it, and from there it went to here (pic) in just an hour or two!

Over messenger, she has during the last ten minutes delivered eternal truths like "this is so addictive!", "I want to make patterning too", "I'll buy some nicer yarn tomorrow", "exciting!", "next time I come to Stockholm we have to go yarnshopping!" "now I know what to do on the train tomorrow". This is so wonderful I just don't know what to do with myself.
Her knitblog can't be far away... I think I'm gonna cry.

I F'ed the cabled little O today, but because of the birthday plans for it I won't post pics for a while. I did however frog and reknit, and it went swell. I love Lanett and the pattern is tons of fun. I just don't get it though; the Frost Flowers and Leaves shawl is said to be "intermediate" and it's a pain in da butt, but this one is "extraspicy", according to Knitty, and it's almost a piece of cake, apart from the p2togtbl. But they're not too many.

To the list of today's achievements I can also add shoplifting. Yup. I went to buy bread an hour ago, and ended up with so many things in my hands I hung the apple bag around my wrist. I found it when I had paid and was packing the bag. I was immidiately horrified, then I had to bite my lip not to laugh, and then I was very confused and just ran off, also thinking I really needed to spice my day up with some excitement. I guess I did.

Praise the Yarn! Good work, Linster, for bringing another lost sheep to the fold!


Jag kommer vara dig evigt tacksam för detta! Den känslan av att kunna kunna byta nystan och tom maska av går inte att beskriva. Å att komma underfund med hur en avig maska fungerar. Tack Limpan, tack :-D Ska börja på min fin-halsduk i kväll!

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