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Wednesday, March 14, 2007 

Getting myself together

I'll try to get myself together and not be such a bore. SP10 kicked off today, I got a sweet email from my spoiler and it made me a bit softer. I've also had a look at the blog of my spoilee, and I think this can be the beginning of a terrific spring.

Yesterday I had my weaving class. It's kind of funny being the only one under the age of fifty. The other day when I went to buy weft for the rug I'm making, the weft shop owner made a happy remark about how nice it is to see young people take interest in the noble craft of weaving. A sixteen-year old passed before my eyes, and then I realized it was me she was refering to.

Oh well. I better try and write some more on la région d'Île-de-France. I should have written one page a long time ago, for my distance course, but this week is absolute deadline. I have eight rows. If anyone has something interesting to say about this region, please email me. If you could write me in French it would be even better...

Maybe you can make something up if you don't know more about the region? That they invented the square bottle, have the oldest brass cookie jar, or eat the most parsley in the world...? and so on... people always buy stuff like that! Use your creativity! You are, after all, a girl famous for turning in a chocolate recepie in the middle of your essay ;) Good luck!

PS Träffas helgen 7-8e april då?

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