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Wednesday, February 07, 2007 


I made a pair of mittens for a colleague. They're the same as the pirate mittens I made for MÃ¥ns in october, apart from the main motif, but same yarn and basic pattern. The classic Norwegian star is surrounded by I don't know what, not very decorative, but just to fill out the space.

Not my finest piece of work, but everything can't be.

I've got a new order (just as I thought I wouldn't knit on demand again), so I went to Nysta and got some soft and shiny blue baby alpaca/silk for a pair of wristwarmers, and just around the corner they have a bead shop, so I got some matching beads. Let's see if I can figure out how to embellish without making silly.

Nysta is actually a very inspiring yarnshop, with luxurious yarns at decent prices. They had just got in a merino/silk 50/50 before which I melted like snow in springtime. I find it hard to buy yarn without specific projects, or at least a good idea. I'd hate it if I bought yarn, figured out a good project and then found I had too little yarn for it, or maybe even worse, too much, leaving me with one garment and too little yarn to make something else from, and then just enhancing my stash with a skein and a half.

Ah, the problems of the modern world.

Speaking of norwegian stars; just look at these beautiful norweigian sweaters! Wish I had the pattern... =)

Those mittens look lovely from here!

Very nice mittens!!! Love the colour and the pattern.

You can make nice things out of left overs of yarn.
And you can put different kind of yarn together in a new knitting project.
I like it if I have left over yarn.

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