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Tuesday, January 02, 2007 

Happy new year!

I'm feeling like a really bad blogger, so here's a quick and uninspired update on my recent knitting:

Hello Yarn X-mas socks for E's mum. On the right you can see a little thingy. I've no idea what they're called in English, but it's a tiny woven ribbon that says "Stickad med kärlek av Linn Lindquist" (Knitted with love by Linn Lindquist). I ordered from vavnamn.se and I'll be sewing them onto everything I knit from now on.

Before these socks I made a shrug:

It's Drops Alpaca and a glitter thread knit as one, and I knit it like this:

Wacky angle, but it's knit like a T. A friend had a shrug like this bought at H&M, and I wanted one too, so I knit it. The bottom rectangle measures 105 cm and is 30 cm high, and the top rectangle is 45 times 30, and then the ends are sewn together. It's a weird construction but it works.
At the moment I'm finishing the ribbing on the Baudelaire socks my mum got for X-mas (didn't have time to finish them on time...), and I'm making an entrelac scarf in Noro Kureyon:

Happy New Year! I can see you've been busy knitting girl! That's the way!
Love the label idea!

Ojoj! Du har varit produktiv. Är det inte väldigt svårt att sticka entrelac? Jag har inte vågat mig på det ännu. Shruggen blev väldigt fin också! Hoppas att E's mamma blir glad för strumporna.

Gott nytt år!

Happy New Year to you too! What you have on the needles looks great so far!

Wow! Your entrelac looks great. I think I should knit some rows on my own....

vad fina saker du har gjort!!

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