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Wednesday, January 24, 2007 

Knitting pretty

I went to Wincent Garner to ask for advice on yarn for the Rusted Root top, and they suggested Calmer. Might be a good idea, since the last week has been quite stressful. I went for the shade "Calmer" (the combination of yarn and shade should be sedative), but it's nothing like the Wincent Garner picture. It's very very pale. I might look sick wearing it. I know you say bold colours, Fi, but if you're not with me in the store I forget.

Anyhow, the garment is knitted top down, which should be a good idea for us with abnormal backs. The pattern is clear, but could have been made easier. I had to chart the lace insertion myself since the pattern only has a text version. It's very hard to get a picture of lace without a chart, I think. Anyhow, I'm increasing with M1's, which is quite new to me. I normally increase by knitting in the stitch below, either before or after depending on which way I want it to slant. My M1's are all made the same way (I hope), but maybe if I turned them different directions the increase "seam" would look more symmetrical? Anybody have a clue?

Calmer is a kind of stretchy yarn with a pleasant softness to it, and it's very friendly on the needles. I'm having great expectations for this top, the oncoming spring and the wonderful places I'll be wearing it. To avoid heartbreak I should however do some situps before I try it on.

Apart from the knitting, I've just moved to Stockholm and my loved one to Brussels, where he'll be doing his internship for five months. It just blows. Does anybody know of any good yarn shops in Brussels?

Welcome to Stockholm! ;)

Oh, you bad, bad girl! :D

Oh! Toppen, toppen! Då kanske vi kan anordna en stickkväll?? Så att vi inte riskerar att komma tillbaka försent efter lunchen igen! :D

Hi - I saw your e-mail to me about yarn shops in Brussels -life has been crazy but I'll hopefully have an answer to you soon - there are not a lot here, but there are some!

Linn, jag behöver hjälp! Jag ska försöka göra klart min Colchique, men jag fatter inte det här med knapp-köret! Kan inte du maila mig:


Välkommen till Stockholm! Angående Rusted Root och den ljusa garnfärgen, jag tror du kan spica upp den med ett fräsigt halsband, scarf eller brillor. Även färgstark/a kjol/brallor kan liva upp!?! Och, förresten som du tänkt ha den nu på våren kanske du hinner få lite färg på nosen och då blir ljusa färger helt annat...

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