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Wednesday, May 07, 2008 

It's a Mayday

So Linster, what do you do at work? Well thanks for asking, I'm currently blogging and updating my profile picture.

I need some input on this Wool peddlers shawl I've been working on for a while. I'm using the Cascade 220 Wool I got from my dear dear secret pal Melissa (hope you are well dear, long time no hear), and since it's a bit finer than the suggested yarn, knitting up at 18 instead of 16, I'm guessing (out of the blue) that my shawl will turn out smaller than intended. Since the thought of a small chunky shawl doesn't appeal to me as does a big, chunky one, I'm kinda puzzled on how to get there. I'm thinking I could either keep on knitting the lace edge until the shawl is big enough, since I have more yarn, or try and block it to desired size. But if I keep knitting, the border will be wider than the garter stitch "core" of the shawl. Will that make it look unbalanced? And how far can blocking take you? (Yes, far, I know, but how far?) Any suggestions from my dear dear blog readers?

Since I'm feeling generous today I'm going to share with you two tips for the summer. First: go buy "Last-minute patchwork + quilted gifts". It's just as pretty as the knit version. Next paycheck is gonna buy me a parcel from Purl and then I'll be a patchworker as well as knitter. Second summer tip: My friend Sofie sent me an email today where I was adviced to send one of my old pocket books to the person who sent the email to her, and then send the email to six of my friends who are now sending Sofie one pocketbook each, and when they send it to six friends each I will receive 36 pocket books!

("Mayday" is a great Rebecka Törnqvist song, about a day in May and/or possibly a cry for help. "You're patiently turning this winter to spring, and if it's not love it's a similar thing". I might have to start uploading her songs on YouTube so we can all share the wonder that is her music.)

Hey Linn,

it´s great to read about you and your knitting again!

Hopeing you are well!


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