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Sunday, November 04, 2007 

Moving forward

It struck me the other day that I've totally gotten my knitting mojo back. I've finished the Solar mitts my SP gave me yanr and book for, cast on for the sweater (though I'm not quite on top of it, since this much cables takes forever to get speedy with) and suddenly felt like knitting the socks intended for my best friend's dad, who helped me install my dishwasher. (Pen is for scale only. Men have big feet. It looks like a Christmas stocking.)



I'm using Raggi from Järbo, knits up at 19 sts/10 cm, 70% wool and 30% nylon for durability (but not knitting pleasure, let me assure you), 4mm bamboo dpn's.

My knitting mojo is also back! What a great feeling! And guess what - I knitted new pair of socks and right now knitting fingerless mitts for me!

Love the mitts, they are looking really good!

Thanks for the comments! I'm glad your stash is increasing, and you like what is in it! I am terrible for buying yarn - I keep telling myself it's ok because I don't buy other things like shoes or handbags or jewellery!

M x

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