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Monday, October 08, 2007 

FO: Birchette

Pattern: Birchette from Tricotin
Yarn: Habu Textiles A-32, colour 9
Yardage: Slightly more than two balls held double
Yarn Source: Housewarming present from Pia
Needles: Addi circular 3.5 mm (I think)
Gauge: Unclear
Modifications: I knit until I thought it was big enough and I was kind of tired of it, which turned out to be quite enough. Cast-off edge measures 85 cm after blocking, which is 13 "leaves" wide + some.

Just a little cute triangular thing to wear around the neck until it's cold enough to wear the chunky stuff. Lovely yarn, simple but not too boring a pattern.

It looks super cozy, I have some kid silk haze laying around that I now feel inspired to turn in to a scarf. Using another pattern though...my french ain't good enough!

If it's just the french that bothers you it won't be a problem since the pattern is charted. And super easy!

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