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Sunday, June 25, 2006 

Off gauge

Thursday I stopped by my LYS just to see if they had something previously unseen, and even though they didn't, they had some stuff on sale. I bought 2+2 skeins of a baby- & hosegarn, and "hose" apparently means sock in Norwegian, and the "baby" part means its very thin, perfect for the Norwegian Stockings everybody seem to have knit. Yeah, I've said it before: anything Eunny knits I can knit too (only six months later), and frankly, that ain't too bad.

The yarn is, I'm ashamed to admit, of 80% wool and 20 % polyester. There's a whole new squeeky sound to my needles, but on the bright side my future stockings-to-be will last forever.

I called Fi to retrieve my 2,5 mm dpn's, but they had decreased in quantity (or increased, depending on how you see it) due to their fragile composition (wood). I tried 3 mm, but it was too big. I tried 2 mm and even though things tend to be true if you just believe they are and I really really want it to be, these stockings will never flatter or warm my ankles. Yesterday was a terribly hung over Midsummer day, so while the dishes grew in the sink I knit this much, before I finally caved in for the fact that they are too tight. Tomorrow I will have new needles, 2,5, and until then I will knit on the guernsey for Frode.

Tomorrow is the birthday of my friend Johanna, and inspired by a whole lot of Japanese craft blogs like this one, I made her a summery bag. For once, I hope she doesn't read my blog. The fabric is a flower print corduroy and the lining is pink, with a little green flower print pocket, all crowned by a lilac pearl button.

Happy birthday honey!

Very nice bag! And great knitting!

Lots of love
Your Secret Pal

I love the socks! They seem so far from what I can do, but I'm definatly making something like that for next winter. Maybe start off with a headband...
(nice job on the bag by the way, lovely present!)

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