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Thursday, August 17, 2006 

SP package!

I just got my BIG package from my SP - and boy, was it big or what!? Yes it was, but since I'm like a kid at Christmas I didn't have the time to take a pic before I opened it...

It was jam packed with goodies - chocolate, candy, a cute cow coffee mug, candles, tea, biscuits, a key ring - and yarn! I got 800 metres of the cuddliest mohair you could ever imagine - ice blue! The picture isn't really accurate, of course, but kind of close anyway. It's not as grey as it looks. Beautiful colour that will go beautifully with just about everything in my wardrobe - excellent choice, SP! The destined project is Lacey from Knitty.

I also got a bag for travelling knitting, which does happen a lot. Very cute!

Thank you so much, SP! I love your packages filled with goodies. You are a very sweet girl!

On the knitting front - finished one front during the Stockholm Culture Festival knitting experience with Sthlm Knitters yesterday, and with exactly one skein! I was amazed. It was quite a thrill since I messed up the short rows at the end, but after doing it right I had 30 centimetres left of the skein, just enough to pull through the stitches awaiting three needle bind-off. Perfect!

Ojojoj, vilka fina presenter! jag väntar med spänning på vad som kan dyka upp på mitt postkontor snart!

Jag har snabb-scrollat igenom hela din blog idag, från oktober förra året fram till nu. Jag blir så imponerad av allt du har gjort! Och jag har blivit påmind av projekt jag väntar på att du ska avsluta och de projekt jag har tänkt "en sån där villjag också göra". Nu senast är det Lacey, men det fanns även några fina handskar jag är sugen på. Du väljer alltid så fina mönster och mjuka färger, så jag sänder dig min stil-tanke idag! Linster, hon har stil, hon!


Vad gullig du är! Jag blir alldeles rörd och lite tårögd. Hjärtevärmande! Vad gäller oavslutade projekt så vet man ju aldrig riktigt... och det kommer ju alltid nya fina saker man vill göra, som får de oavslutade att kännas oerhört tråkiga. Men det är som med trisslotter - plötsligt så händer det. ;-)

What a wonderful SP you have there. She/he really went all out to send you some lovely goodies.

On another note, I sent you an email via the vestalong blog to ask you to add me to it, but so far, that has not happened yet.

I'm not in a hurry, but after looking at this blog of yours, I had to leave a comment about your SP and thought I'd tack this on.

Happy belated Birthday!!!


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