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Wednesday, August 16, 2006 

I'm a winner

Yes, I know we all are in some way or another, but I've won a ball of Luxury Alpaca Hand Knit Yarn in an SP8 contest. I posted some questions and answers on my blog, and that's all it took.

I immediately checked out the UK Alpaca website, to learn more about the beutiful "Fresh mint" yarn I just received. On UK Alpacas website there's also help and guidance for alpaca breeders, and I learned something completely new about alpacas: they orgle. No, I didn't know what that was either. A quick google is always a help: "The males make a sound called “orgling” during the mating process". Well, who doesn't? But I've never thought of turning it into a CD: "Fifty minutes of PURE testosterone courtesy of Classical Ikon, a black stud male who takes no prisoners. If you have a young male about to work, the sound of high quality orgling will help to get him going. Play it and see the difference."

Well I just might.

>"i just might"
hahaha!!! skrattar så mycket att min magträningsvärk gör mig dubbelvikt... inte lätt att vara på hälsoläger och ha roliga vänner på samma gång..

Haha! Grattis, grattis!

Den CD:n måste jag haaa! :-D HAHAHAHAHA! Obetalbart.

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