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Friday, October 13, 2006 


I'm back from Norrland, and have been quite busy this week and therefore haven't kept the promises from before our departure, and I won't fulfil them today either. I have pics of Shedir, but will give it to the birthday person tomorrow and I think pics of the garment on its owner looks better. I have no pics of my new spinning project and am very uninspired at the moment, since I don't really get the spinning thing (when is it twisted enough? why is the merino breaking?) and am too lazy to read the spinning book I bought. I can't post any pics of the fish we caught, since we didn't catch any. I will however give you some pretty views of Norrbotten at its prettiest. I repeatedly expressed my awe of the stunning colours until Erik said: "It makes you think of yarn, doesn't it?"

This is my grandmother and me in front of Storforsen, a waterfall in Piteälven, both wearing stuff she's knitted. True to her habit never to look directly into the camera.

Pretty norrlandish view:
And of course:

I was so happy we got to see reindeers, since I really wanted to show Erik, born and raised in Stockholm, the real Norrland. I met a woman from Boden (even further up north) this week and told her about the adventure, and she said that not seeing reindeers would have been a feat. I think they're kind of sick of the reindeers up north. They're extrordinarily stupid (the reindeers, that is) and won't move even if you slowly push them with the front of the car. Not that I did. This male snorted at us and ran off with his three buddies, all by himself.

We did try to fish, but apparently October isn't fishing season. But we got to borrow a boat from my aunt's husband and rowed out on Lyckoträsket, which wasn't a very lucky place for us. But stunning, as the clouds floated away and left us with a clear blue sky, blue water, a dense silence, surrounded by autumn colours and sunset to remember.

Very pretty!

so, so pretty. Me and my boyfriend really want to go there. I've been to Sweden 3 times, 2 of which with him and we try to get there, but the country is just too big. We simply don't have the time to drive there in two weeks holiday. Next time we better buy a plane ticket...

Hello Linn!
Didn't know that the reindeers were so fearless of cars. =) Nice pictures =) // Johan

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