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Sunday, March 18, 2007 

On the floor

The thing I like most about living on 27 square metres is that vacuuming is done in no time. The backside of it is that when you're laying out to cut fabric, you have to do it on the floor (since the only table you could fit into the room is too small), and then there's no space left for yourself to move around. All the squatting makes my feet fall asleep.

I bought the prettiest floral print cotton from Fabric Tales, and I thought I make a dress for a friend's 25th birthday party in a couple of weeks. Fabric Tales has an impressive selection of japanese fabrics, not at all expensive and with great service. I was very happy to have my stuff in only a couple of days after ordering. Sent from Japan!

Here's a closeup:
Now I can feel my feet again, so I best get back down on the floor.

Dear Linn,
great to hear that you are still "alive"!
The fabric is lovely!!! A dress sure will look great!
I hope SP 10 will be a good time for you!

hejsan, din klänning ska vara så söt! jag älskar japansk tyg och sådana saker. jag tror att vi bor nära till varandra därför att jag gå till nysta också för att kolla på garn. debbie bliss pure silk garn kände så lyx! jag undrade om du hade den där tärnabymössa mönster att jag kunna kanske kopiera? jag har frågat många garnäffar och har inte hitta nåt alls. också har varit på gamla stans sticka garn affären med mycket spännande mönster och garn. gärna skriva mig seemly@geocities.com


fantastic fabric store, i'm deeply in love!!!



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