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Saturday, June 16, 2007 

Bayerische socks

A few days ago I got a little swap package from Theresia, my last SP. As solid coloured sock yarn is hard to come by in Sweden, she sent me two balls and 2 mm bamboo dpn's. Selbstverständlich I couldn't not cast on immediately, and this is what it looks like today:

I was a bit anxious about gauge, since it seems that no matter how thin the yarn and itsy bitsy needles I can never get over 28/10, but I've pulled it over my heel and despite the mind-boggling 96 stitches per round I think it's gonna be nice and snug.

As I started the sock I was worried about 1) not wanting to keep working on Salina and 2) not being able to keep interest in these socks until finished. I feel a kind of stress within, wanting to finish things and not wanting to knit things that don't get finished. I'm stressed out about the things I've started, and about the things I've promised people I'll knit for them. These socks are however, and today, still kind of fun, despite the number of stitches mentioned above and the never "just knitting along" as there are things going on on each row.

Today I'm going to try to keep away from the sock for a few hours, do the dishes and go to look at a sofa bed. This week has been interesting; I've found an apartment I'd love to live in (I think) and finally solved all the financial issues and am hence good to go bid on it. And I even think I have a good shot of getting it! To keep myself from going crazy with anticipation until seeing it properly on Monday I think I'm going to a funiture store and dream away.

To my two knitting Uppsala friends: I'd love to hear from you more! MSN still works just fine here, should be the same in Uppsala...

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