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Thursday, May 31, 2007 


Today I'm home with a cold that my mum passed on to me when I visited her last week. I'm quite bored, my place is a mess, as usual, but I've managed to get a few hours in the laudry room, which is impossible to get at times when I'm normally at home, so soon I can stop wearing undies I should have thrown out a long time ago.

I felt like finishing something, so I started the quickest knit ever and finished it. This is the third little mobile/mp3 stocking I knit, and I have two more requested! I made one for my new phone a couple of months ago, and a friend immediately wanted one for her mp3, so I knit her one too. When her sister saw it, she wanted one as well, and here it is: -->

This is how I do it:
I cast on 20 stitches with my favourite sock yarn held double on 3.5 mm dpn's, and knit 1k 1p until I've reached desired length. I cast off using a three-needle bind-off and weave in the two ends, and turn the thing inside out. Voilà!

The yarn used is a hand-dyed merino sock yarn from Hello yarn, in a colour that no-one of my SP spoilees have had a taste for. I'm no fan of variegated sock yarn, as you might know by now. My friend's sister wanted something "happy", and if this doesn't make her happy no medication in the world will.

The result is tight yet stretchy. If you have access to the item you intend to cover I suggest a try-on after a few rows. And I can also inform you that even though wool is quite hydrophobic, emptying a bottle of water over this stocking isn't a terrific idea. The stocking took it well but not the mp3 inside it.

Today I'm also offering you a view of a quilt my grandmother (the good one) gave me for Christmas more than twenty years ago. It's a beautiful heirloom I haven't been careful enough with. I haven't broke it, yet, and when you have something as lovely as this you want to use it for every picnic you have... Even though it's quite "busy", you can see that it's made up of 20x20 cm squares, consisting of one rectangle and two differently sized pieces of other fabrics, alternating direction. I like the fact that there are both floral and more geometrical patterns in it. I think it gives the quilt balance. And I like the fact that all the fabrics in it are from other things my grandmother, who was a semstress, has sown. I can recognize some of the fabrics, but they're mostly far older than me.

What a beautiful quilt! I wish I had an heirloom like that!

Your parcel is all wrapped up and packed neatly and should be at the post office tomorrow, hoping to arrive with you some time next week!

Hope you like it...

Secret Pal x

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