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Saturday, June 09, 2007 

SP - super presents!

I got my second SP10 parcel the other day - and it's just as good as the last one!

There were glass beads and flower-shaped beads, a knitted brooch that will be that little extra on my brown tweed jacket (if global warming ever lets me wear it again) and a "some assembly required" brooch. There was a cherry infusion that makes great ice tea, and there were yarn. This heavenly person has got me three balls of Bamboo Soft from Rowan, one extra ball of Felted Tweed for my Salina (I'm still on the first sleeve, but back and front are done) and two cones of Tsumugi from Habu Textiles, and a bunch of patterns from the web as inspiration... I'm knocked off my feet, as usual. Beautiful, all of it. All the things I get from my secret pal are both high-class and always right up my alley.

SP, you're a dream! And I must say the card with a knitted Union Jack is just super cute. It's art! I'm putting it up on my wall. But you didn't knit that yourself, did you?

I didn't knit the Union Jack myself, but I can't remember now where I bought it!

I'm glad you liked the parcel, i'm very tempted to go back and buy some more of that Habu yarn for myself - I love the crunchy feel of it and it's a very reasonable price for a lace weight yarn.


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