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Monday, May 21, 2007 

Monday knitting update

Despite bad blogging habits, I am actually knitting. A few nights ago one of my neighbours had a video game night until three in the morning. At half past one the excited cries from behind the wall finally made an end to my sleeping attempts and somehow it struck me I need a little party purse for this summer, when I'm going out manhunting in the night. (I'm also imagining myself skinnier than present, showing off my stuff in new jeans and silver pumps. But I'm starting with the purse.)

I had a green mercerized cotton lying around, which turned out to be perfect for the Cabled purse from Last minute knitted gifts. I cast on and knit a few rows before I was too tired to notice the shoutings and finally went to sleep, but progress has been good since then and today I reached the folding row at the top, and will now knit stockinette in the round for the rest of the week, I imagine. The purse turned out smaller than I thought it would, but it is actually as big as it should be according to the pattern. I guess the picture in the book is a bit misleading... If I'd do it again I'd knit it in chunkier yarn, to make it maybe 20 centimeters high instead of 15. And I think wool would work too.

I made some good progress on Salina last week when Sofie hosted a knitting fika (Swedish for coffee or tea and pastries). It might have been the killer chocolate cake, but I finished the first side of the front, and have now only the left side from armhole and up to do before I move on to recalculating the sleeves. I'll be bringing it along with me up north as I go and visit my mum on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to a few days in peace and somewhat quiet (18-year old brother) in the beautiful landscape of northern Sweden, although I fear it won't be as warm and summer-like as Stockholm is. But that's what we have wool for.

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