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Sunday, April 15, 2007 


Casting on never went faster than with Salina a few days ago. Of course, after 6 centimetres I was no longer on but off gauge, despite swatching (though I'm not sure five rows count as a swatch no matter the row gauge). I got stitch gauge at my second attempt, but then it just hit me, after beginning the bust increases, that I might not have row gauge. And no, I hadn't. I'm thinking it doesn't matter (...please God). I'm thinking the difference is too small. Like, 32 stitches makes 9 cm instead of 10. I'll just knit until it's long enough, and I don't think the slightly shorter distance between the increases and the decreases won't make a difference. Keep your fingers crossed...

If you've got the right stitch gauge & it's a drop shoulder you should be alright, you may need more yarn though.

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