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Sunday, September 02, 2007 


I went to cold rainy and sunny Trondheim a week ago, and spent five days conferencing medical education. On Monday my cold escalated and I snuck off during lunch to get yarn and needles. I had downloaded a free pattern from Garnstudio and cast on for some serious socks. I had no hope of getting them done before heading home again, but I loved having a simple knitting nearby during the tiring sessions of blah blah blah and other things related to medical education worldwide. And I got some great bamboo dpn's that are a treat to knit with. One sock down:

Oddest thing when it was done: the pattern called for one skein of Drops Alpaca, of each colour, for each sock (four skeins for the pair). This is what I had left after this beautiful sock was done:

I thought I'd have just about as much of both skeins, since the sock is knitted with yarns held double. Really strange. And I knitted the medium size, and the larger size would also only require one skein of each. I would never have been able to make a size bigger with that purple skein.

The heel:

Hmm. So either the black yarn is slightly heavier per yard, or the yardage is only approximate, or... somewhere someone is wearing a very small black sock knitted out of your yarn. Or all of the above.


I never trust the pattern reccomendations about yarn!

BTW, I would really like to knit me knee-high socks!

Hmmm... weird about the yardage. I love the sock(s) though! How are you finding that yarn to stand up to the abuse a sock takes?

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