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Tuesday, July 24, 2007 

Almost there

olalala - any day now, I guess! Can't wait!

It's looking great. :)

I'm preparing to knit a Salina myself and was wondering if you knit the sleeves as written and then attached it to the sweater? Any advice you could give about the project would be great. Thanks!

jenny: I almost did the sleeve as suggested, but I thought it looked a bit puffy around the elbows on the few photos available, so I made the increases every 12 rows instead of first every 10 and then every 12, to create a more straightly increased sleeve.

When it came to seaming I joined shoulders, knit the collar and joined the sides, and then joined the sides of the sleeves and sewed them to the armholes. It actually came out quite well, to my surprise.

It's a great pattern, though second sleeves are always a challenge. But I had fun knitting Salina. If you need more advise, feel free to ask!

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