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Tuesday, September 04, 2007 


Every day I get the "Kntting daily" newsletter, which is kind of a good way to keep in touch with your inner knitter. Today's feature is a scarf/stole from some knitting book, and I get quite happy just looking at it. The colours are almost summery, but the weather here in Stockholms isn't, so my mind wanders freely: Instead of KSH, which is kind of expensive if you're going for the whole rainbow, I'd go for Drops Alpaca (prolly bestest yarn ever) which has also good yardage and ridiculous softness but at a much better price. If you'd get ten colours you'd end up around SEK 400 with Alpaca instead of SEK 1100 with KSH. I'm just saying.

Free pattern from Knitting Daily, thank you very much!

Hi, Linster:

I've been reading your blog for a while and I've noticed your ups and downs over time. I wanted to tell you, I think you're a really sweet woman and I wish you blessings.

I think the whole "sexual revolution thing" (which resulted in so much cohabiting) is really unfortunate for a lot of us gals. If the guys can get what they want without marriage, what inducement is there to marry? (And, after all, most of OUR sex DO want a permanent relationship and kids!)

Anyway, you seem like a really sweet, kind-hearted lady and deserve a man who sees you for who you are. One who will really appreciate you. (I'm still waiting for mine at 36... but I won't give up!)

Anonymous: Thank you so much for your kind words! They really warmed my heart.

I do agree with you about the sexual revolution thing, and I also think both men and women are in many cases badly equipped for taking care of long-term relationships, and not being married makes it easy to just get up and leave instead of making things right.

It's a bit odd to be recognized like this by a complete stranger, and I don't know where to send my thanks but here, so: thank you. Your words made a difference.

Hi Linn,

Just wanted to let you know that I (finally) posted off your third parcel after having wrapped it up ready to send over a week ago! I do hope you like it and that it cheers you up somewhat - expect it early next week!

Melissa x

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