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Monday, August 06, 2007 


In more than one way - I'm back, although you might not have noticed I was gone, but I was, because I was waiting for my new CAMERA, to make my blogging so much better. As I've been taking the first photos I realize it might take some time before my photography enhances my blogging, but I'll get there.

Until then, I could really use some help from my few but muchly appreciated blog readers. I'm in the delicate position of having two pretty buttons to choose from for my Salina (who is only one cuff-sewing and a few buttons away from wearable glory). The ones on the left was found in my stash, and are plastic mother of pearl buttons on a brown background, which kind of picks up the brown tweed flecks in the yarn. Not bad at all. On the right we have newly procured grayish plastic buttons, slightly smaller but also with a pearly finish, and with three holes and an interesting triangle in the middle. Intriguing and kind of retro. Please vote below!

If were me, I would choose the ones with two holes just based on less sewing. :) I do think those bring out the colors of the yarn BEAUTIFULLY so hands down I think those and voted as such. :)

I am just in love with that sweater! Going to see if I can find the pattern. You do beautiful work!

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