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Tuesday, June 17, 2008 

Kimono shawl

Gee, I'm blogging like never before.

A couple of days ago I started a Kimono shawl (from Folk shawls) in the Habu silk I got from Melissa in SP10. I've had such trouble finding a project for this yarn, and kind of the reverse too; finding a yarn for this shawl. I've been thinking about combining these two many times, but it has never seemed like the best idea. I don't know why it does now, or if it was just the startitis talking, but I've worked about 15 cm's and I'm not annoyed or bored yet, so I'm hoping it will grow on me. I'll take a pic soon, when daylight so allows, but I can tell you so much as the yarn makes me hungry since it looks like salami or something; dark pink with white flecks. The yarn has a very dry feel to it and I can't see any silk lustre in it, but you never know what happens after washing and blocking. It's been decorating my apartment for almost a year now, so it was well about time to do something with it...

I'm really curious to see what a Kimono Shawl looks like

Your SKP 12

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