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Friday, June 13, 2008 

On socks

I'm not a very experienced sock knitter, and especially not when it comes to whipping up socks like my summer socks, without pattern (albeit with a little help from the Yarn Harlots sock recipe). To ensure that I do not run out of yarn or patience I knit my legs until they are 15 cm long. Now it seems I have half of the pretty green yarn left, and it was a regular 100 grams of regular sock yarn. I guess I could have made them slightly longer. So my question to my sock-knitting blog readers (Theresia, I'm looking at you) is: How long a sock leg can you knit with 100 grams of sock yarn? I do understand that it varies and depends, but I have size 39 feet (7 in US sizing) so they are neither huge nor petit. I like to think they are average (but I know they're not). Tell me!

Ok, here I am to helpyou with your problem: 20 cm should be no problem for your size 39 feet. Best way? Split your yarn into two 50g skeins and knit your socks toe-up. At www.wendyknits.com (I hope this is the correct url) you┬┤ll find an easy-to-follow-pattern for toe-ups.

I knit a pair of kneehights for my size 38 feet and only took 108g. Maybe this will help you to calculate the length.


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