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Tuesday, January 13, 2009 

The world's most beautiful mittens

Put your needles down, ladies, no point in trying anymore, The most beautiful mittens in the world have just been knit. By me.

These are Postwar mittens but with a "manlier" cuff, knit for the person I want to warm most in the world. They are knit in "Shetland wool" bought at Yll & Tyll in Uppsala (in the reciever's presence, but he totally bought the "this could be good to have in the future"-excuse), in navy, a blueish green and honey yellow.

Instead of a picot edge I made a simple purl fold
edge (again the manliness).

And instead of knitting only the year on the inside of one of the thumbs, I also knit the full initials of the receiver on the inside of the other one.

I love the yellow dots and how they light up the mittens, I love how much they feel like artwork rather than knitwear, and I love how much the receiver loves them.

Thanks to Fi for helping me invent the cuff pattern.

I love them too !! Happy New Year to you !

They really are the most beautiful mittens in the world! And I love how the cuffs turned out -- did we design them well or what ;)

gorgeous! bra jobbat linn!

Beautiful mittens.


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