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Wednesday, July 23, 2008 

SP 12 package!

Yay, I got my first SP12 parcel today!

OK, shitty picture, but the stuff is good! My SP sent me two different cottons (three balls burgundy and two balls peach), candy (Gummibärchen!), a really cool sewing book, a notebook with a sock monkey on it, a cute tote bag (good for knitting on the go) and a matching set of fruity shampoo, shower creme and leave-in conditioner. It was so funny, I was actually sniffing hair treatment the other day, but found myself too cheap to buy one... And this one smells so much better than the ones I was sniffing!

The peach yarn goes great with a lilac cotton I got last summer from my then spoiler, Melissa, and I can totally see them make a girly baby set... Supercute!

Sweet SP, thanks so much for great package, so many nice things! I really love adding more yarn to my stash, the shower stuff smells so nice and the monkey notebook is really crazy/cute... Thank you!

I'm happy that you like everything! i really had fun assembling this package and I'm already working on the next one :-)

Your SP

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