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Wednesday, September 24, 2008 

Photofree update

Knitting has been quite good lately, and I even have two orders (why do I never learn?) for knits ahead, whenever I finish the most urgent things on my needles.

Most recently I've finished a pair of socks in Lorna's Laces Shepherds Sock, colourway Tuscany. Very nice colours, for being so many in one yarn. A very nice yarn too, by the way. I really love it. I've even ordered two more hanks but in yellow (!), two secret hanks for my last Secret pal parcel, and two for Fi who is bitten by the sock bug as well. I ordered the beautiful "Favorite socks" and raveled away on what to knit first, only to find my brain was temporarily out of order and I had instead ordered "Folk socks", which is also a beautiful book but not quite the same. I have now ordered the right book and eagerly await it.

Most currently on the needles are the two sleeves (yes, I've finally come around and am now knitting them both at the same time) for my gray aran cardigan, which I hope to be able to wear as it gets colder. The front was such a pain in da b--t! After finishing the left upper front I realised the neck was too tight, so after making the right side better I frogged and reknit the left side, only to find when having reached the shoulder that I had messed one of the cables up ten centimetres down. Frog and reknit again. On the bright side it will be a thoroughly worked-through sweater. Now I'm done with the sleeve cuff ribbing, and I'm not sure whether or not to do the sleeves in plain moss stitch or if I should make a cable or two on it as well. The smallest cable is possibly too narrow to decorate a sleeve on its own, but making a wider cable might look funny at the cuff, being almost as wide as the width of the sleeve. I raveled aran sweaters and found that both solutions look alright, so tonight's knit night with Fi will sort it out. What would I do without Fi making my decisions for me?

My knitting orders are two lovely projects: a First coat from Debbie Bliss' Essential baby, for little Astrid who got the Circle of Friends Baby Blanket earlier this year, and then a pair of Solar mitts for a colleague. The mitts were very oddly sized in the pattern, and even though I made mine smaller they are still quite big. Serious pattern revision required.

I've also knit one of the rainbow socks in the Regia Nation Colour yarn, but then other things got in the way before I cast on for the second. Will there ever be a second sock? Only time will tell...

Darling, din tröja kommer att bli fantastisk. Fantastique. Tokigt fin :) Och tack för en mkt trevlig kväll!

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