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Wednesday, October 29, 2008 


(I'm knitting a sock and it's still October. Nothing officially Socktober about it.)

I fell crazy in love with Kureyon Sock a week ago, and the best thing to knit from it must be a striped sock (or possibly two) knit with rows from each end of the skein. Super cute, and this colourway (102) I brought home from Nysta is particularly sweet n sour.

On a less brighter note: This picture does not do neither the sock nor the yarn justice, but as you can see I'm having some problems with the striping, since both yarn ends shifts into the same colour from time to time, making the stripes very unstripey. My only plan right now is to make them very long, so the amount of stripes will increase and the blurry fields will seem fewer. I've looked at other similar socks on Ravelry, and it's possible that this happens when you knit stripes like this and that the sock will still look striped in the end. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for stripes.

I'm quite excited to try a few new moves in the art of sock knitting. First of all, I'm knitting toe up, with a beautiful magical cast-on Fi taught me. I messed it up, of course, but it's still brilliantly invisible and clever. (I've no idea where she found it. I'll get back to you on that one.) I then knit a Dutch heel backwards, as described by

Så. Himla. Snyggt. Måste köpa Kureyon sockgarn!

De blir ju hur fina som helst! Har också prövat på hälvarianten från widdershins och gillar den skarpt. Längtar efter mitt kureyon-sockgarn :)

The sock look stunning! I've never tried to knit a sock from toe up. It's on my list!
I really should write more in English, but I'm so lazy...

Socktober is one of favorite knitalongs to all. Socks in October just feel right. To make socktober, the trick is to make sure the stitches are centered on the needles, don't move too fast, and don't stab anything while the sock-in-progress is on.
diamond earrings

Vilken fin socka! jag har också stickat lite, kolla in min julblogg... =)

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