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Friday, September 11, 2009 

Are you knitting?

I'm barely knitting. A pair of socks have been worked, but things are kind of standing still in the knitting department. I've no real yarn desire, like I used to. Surfing the web for new hot yarns is not what keeps me from working these days. Like always, I wonder if it will come back, my knitting mojo, and until now it always has. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

How are y'all feeling? Still knitting enthusiastically?

No, not really. I barely have the time at the moment. But I have lots of ideas.

I am knitting like hell! Like there's no tomorrow! And I am learning crocheting - such an addictive art!

I am knitting too, but it happens to everybody to have a period without knitting or not having the mojo for knitting. But I am certain, that this knitting mojo will come backk. In the meantime enjoy other things you like !

I've been missing your posts. Recent patterns have not excited me much- IK, VK, or miscellaneous others. I'm looking back to older books and magazines for inspiration. I hope you come back soon!

Hmm, know what you mean.

I seem to be stuck on knitting socks, and not very quickly at that. Haven't been posting them on my blog either, 'cos of being busy with other stuff.

Ignore knitting. Do something else you enjoy for a while. It'll sneak back up on you when you least expect it!


I am stuck on a never ending blanket at the moment...every now and then I pick it up and do a few rows.
I am really enjoy reading about knitting though lol!

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