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Tuesday, March 31, 2009 


I've got so much on the needles right now, I don't know what to finish, or if, before I start the next project. It's quite frustrating, and I think it might be stress-related. I want my knitting to be relaxing, and not something I do to accomplish something when I feel lousy in other areas of life.

I've frogged the last part of my February Lady Sweater (going on April Lady Sweater), and noticed that the miscoloured part shown in my last post was actually a few meters of a different dye bath felted to the original yarn. Not very classy, Cornelia Hamilton! I did email Mrs. Hamilton asking if this is what one can expect from this yarn (Heaven's Hand), but she claimed it must be a fabrication error and offered me 20% off in her web shop, which is kind of her I guess, but I don't shop online for things I can buy/squeeze/smell at my LYS. Anyhow. I've only got a few centimetres left on the body. Again.

To brighten things up I decided to knit myself something light and spring-y to wear around my neck. I fell for the Baktus pattern, and Fi and her adorable yarn-loving three year old son Hugo helped me pick out the colours of Drops Alpaca:

I'm thinking of making Ysolda's garter stitch mitts to go with it. But then it struck me that I'm going to a ball in a month, and I might need a new shawl for that. Fi gave me a luxurious purple lace yarn a few months ago, and I might turn it into a North Ro├ź Shawl. Very pretty shawl, and free pattern! I'm not the happiest lace knitter, but I like shawls. And balls.

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