Friday, September 11, 2009 

Are you knitting?

I'm barely knitting. A pair of socks have been worked, but things are kind of standing still in the knitting department. I've no real yarn desire, like I used to. Surfing the web for new hot yarns is not what keeps me from working these days. Like always, I wonder if it will come back, my knitting mojo, and until now it always has. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

How are y'all feeling? Still knitting enthusiastically?

Thursday, June 04, 2009 

Already back!

I got so boosted from the two comments I got on my last post, so here's another one - now with pictures!

Thanks for the comments. I've emailed Hamilton Yarns back, since you told me so, so we'll see where that leads.

And I've finished a project:

(These are some lousy pics, and even though I think it's a pity knit bloggers so often apologize for lousy photos and that we should drop it and just be proud of what we accomplish, both knitwise and photowise, I'm obviously not practising what I'm preaching.)

Anyhoo. This is a "Vest" from Debbie Bliss' "Essential baby", knit in Baby Cashmerino in some pretty gray colour. Knit in size 0-3 months on 3 mm bamboo dpn's I used slightly more than two skeins. I knit it in the round instead of back and front, and it went swell.

And then I put a cute (but slightly out of focus) button in the back:

Saturday, May 30, 2009 


I haven't been around much lately, and my traffic report shows I have 15 visitors a week... I'm getting what I deserve. I've been thinking about not blogging anymore and just Ravel the stuff I knit, but having a blog is kind of nice, so I guess I'll keep on blogging sporadically.

This will be a photo-free post, but I can tell you that I'm currently knitting a Windmill Bag in hot pink linen, and I have a frustrating history with Hamilton Yarns that I don't know if I should handle or just forget about it. I blogged earlier about the miscoloured yarn and that she offered me 20% off in her webshop. As I started the first sleeve on my February lady sweater I realized I didn't have enough yarn left, and emailed Cornelia Hamilton (a reply to her email about the discount) to ask for more of the same dyebath, she had it, and she sent it to me with an invoice, which was kind enough of her. But when I got it in the mail I hadn't gotten any discount. And now I don't know if I want to be such a pain in the arse as to point this out to her, or settle with telling my blog readers how disappointed I am.

I got an adorable book in the mail yesterday, Vintage Baby Knits. It seems to be brand new, and it has some really cute kid stuff in it. And some odd ones as well, as always...

And oh: would the Kai who commented on the Stenmarksmössa please send me her (I suppose) email address so we can get in touch? I can't figure out how to reach you otherwise... linn underscore lindquist at yahoo dot se

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 


I've got so much on the needles right now, I don't know what to finish, or if, before I start the next project. It's quite frustrating, and I think it might be stress-related. I want my knitting to be relaxing, and not something I do to accomplish something when I feel lousy in other areas of life.

I've frogged the last part of my February Lady Sweater (going on April Lady Sweater), and noticed that the miscoloured part shown in my last post was actually a few meters of a different dye bath felted to the original yarn. Not very classy, Cornelia Hamilton! I did email Mrs. Hamilton asking if this is what one can expect from this yarn (Heaven's Hand), but she claimed it must be a fabrication error and offered me 20% off in her web shop, which is kind of her I guess, but I don't shop online for things I can buy/squeeze/smell at my LYS. Anyhow. I've only got a few centimetres left on the body. Again.

To brighten things up I decided to knit myself something light and spring-y to wear around my neck. I fell for the Baktus pattern, and Fi and her adorable yarn-loving three year old son Hugo helped me pick out the colours of Drops Alpaca:

I'm thinking of making Ysolda's garter stitch mitts to go with it. But then it struck me that I'm going to a ball in a month, and I might need a new shawl for that. Fi gave me a luxurious purple lace yarn a few months ago, and I might turn it into a North Roë Shawl. Very pretty shawl, and free pattern! I'm not the happiest lace knitter, but I like shawls. And balls.

Sunday, March 01, 2009 


After one month of knitting, and one week of thinking it's not really that bad, I've cast off the body of my February lady sweater, and 15 cm from the edge, at the end of the third skein, the yarn is much brighter than the rest of the yarn (yes of course it's the same dye lot, who do you take me for?) for four rows. I know hand-dyed means variations, but in no othe rplace on this garment is the difference in colour as distinct as here, and not for so long.

The yarn is Heaven's Hand by Cornelia Hamilton. What should I do? Frog and reknit? Contact the manufacturer? Live with it? Help me! I'm no fan of frogging, and most of all I'm no fan of knitting the same thing twice, especially not when it's not a pair of something. But I don't want to have knit something I've longed to knit and wear and then hate it. Any advice?

Monday, February 23, 2009 

February update

As many distiguished knitters of today, I currently - and appropriately - have the February lady sweater on my needles. Since January 24 I'm turning five skeins of Heaven's Hand in "Teal" into a stylish cardigan, and today I'm four pattern repeats from the hem (aiming for 30 repeats). Even though it's not a very intriguing pattern, at least not from the armpits down, I'm not bored with it (wait til I get to the second sleeve...), and it grows steadily. I don't think it will be finished by the end of February, but at least it's (almost) the only thing I've been knitting on this month.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 

The world's most beautiful mittens

Put your needles down, ladies, no point in trying anymore, The most beautiful mittens in the world have just been knit. By me.

These are Postwar mittens but with a "manlier" cuff, knit for the person I want to warm most in the world. They are knit in "Shetland wool" bought at Yll & Tyll in Uppsala (in the reciever's presence, but he totally bought the "this could be good to have in the future"-excuse), in navy, a blueish green and honey yellow.

Instead of a picot edge I made a simple purl fold
edge (again the manliness).

And instead of knitting only the year on the inside of one of the thumbs, I also knit the full initials of the receiver on the inside of the other one.

I love the yellow dots and how they light up the mittens, I love how much they feel like artwork rather than knitwear, and I love how much the receiver loves them.

Thanks to Fi for helping me invent the cuff pattern.

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