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Friday, October 14, 2005 

Augmenter, oui

Yes, it is now very obvious that "augmenter" means both "increase" and "cast on". Stupid french. On the bright side, the babything is now progressing nicely as consequence of this revelation .

I'm still on the worse schedule ever, and will be so for the rest of October, so I won't be taking enough care of my blog for a couple of weeks to come. But I've been thinking of a new font for the header and some new links, and then spreading the word of my knitblog so my hits won't be just me double-checking my updates and Sofie obeying direct orders.

Hi sweetheart,
I beg to disagree- i would visit your lovely blog even without "direct orders"! :) Right now I should be writing a memo on "principal-agent theory", but it's not as fun as it sounds ;)...

For more hits, try posting your blog on google or join a webring (google "webring" and "knitting")!
Love, Soph

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