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Thursday, April 06, 2006 

Moving on

Two days ago I was informed by my better half that I'm expected to accompany him to this year's spring ball at the palace (yes, the palace, again). I looked it up and it's not until the end of May, so I thought I had plenty of time to give my ball gown a Cinderella fix-up and find a nice something to cover my shoulders with. This is what I found: a shoulderette. And also, as things were really going my way, I had still six skeins of CottonViscose in white, which, as it turned out, has the perfect gauge for this shoulderette. Obviously, this flow couldn't last, and it didn't. It's not that bad, but it's not the spring ball we're going to but the Valborg ball, 30th April. Gives me 3 weeks to finish, instead of the eons I had yesterday.

CottonViscose is actually quite nice. I got really fed up with it last summer, since I thought the gauge (23) was too tiny. Hah! It's good to see I have developed in only a year, since 23 is actually quite big to me now. The yarn does tend to split if you don't watch it, but I have quite sharp needles so it's OK.

Another positive thing about this project is that I discovered I actually do have a stash. On "Flash your stash" day I got a bit depressed since I only buy yarn for a particular project and never just for the fun of it (since I'm a student on a restricted budget), and I thought that a photo of my so called stash would just be a picture of a red box with twenty halves of skeins, mostly pink. But when I came to think of it, I actually do have some stash. With this current project it has diminished, but still.

My regular project, the Frost flowers shawl, has come on nicely, and I am now one row from finishing the first (of like seven) repeats of chart 2. I'm a bit concerned over the yarn, since it's quite uneven. A very very thin strand of yarn can be knitted into an unusually thick one, creating a strange effect I'm not so sure this shawl is the proper place for. Hopefully it will look authentic and artistic when it's done, and not cheap and irregular.

One week until Easter!

Otrevlig översakning med kortare tid! Hoppas du hinner, den blir nog jättefin i cotton viscose, väldigt "balig".

The frost flowers shawl is such a lovely pattern. I could see it working with a yarn that's somewhat thick\thin to make a nice texture. But, I'm only a couple of repeats into my first shawl ever, so what do I know. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of yours!

Thanks! That's exactly the kind of encouragement I need! :-)

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