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Tuesday, March 28, 2006 


It is so foggy today I can't even see the City Hall tower, on which I normally rest my tired eyes. It's all white out there. The weather is just sad, and will be so for the rest of the week according to experts. I feel so tired...

Sunday we went to Linköping and the baptism of my best friend's three adorable kids. And I'm their godmother! Alex had made dresses for them, very unsentimental and stylish ones, and they looked like angels. The middle girl carried the cross as we walked in, the oldest poured the water into the font as the priest said a prayer, and their little brother was just plain sweet. I feel very inspired to knit them something... I still haven't knitted anything for kids, except for the grenouillère I did for Hugo. If you have a nice pattern that with some modification covers ages 2 to 6 I'd appreciate some tips.

Yesterday I went on a little trip (a very small one) to Enskede. I got off the subway and payed a nice lady SEK 60 for an old garnvinda she had advertised. What do you call it? An umbrella-like thingy that you put your hanks on so you don't have to use friends and family to wind them into balls. (The hanks, that is.) Anyway, I'm very happy to be able to take my hobby to a new level of even more gadgets. Next on my wishlist is a skeining machine (?), as the one Mia has. Her "garnromantik" last week (pretty close to "yarnlove") made me pine for more technical stuff, and the skein winder was totally new to me. Great idea, though. My balls suck.

On the knitting front, I've switched from Frost Flowers to Argyle Vest. A week ago I couldn't imagine when I would ever want to knit on the vest again, since the shawl was so much fun. Now it's beginning to dawn on me that this shawl will take, honestly, ages to finish, and I've been calculating to try and figure out how much yarn I need, ordered another hank from Helylle (lovely people, lovely yarns!) and am now beginning to need a longer circular, which isn't quite so easy to find. My burning passion for this shawl is therefore cooling off. And I really want this vest finished so I can use it, and the only way to finish is to knit. So I knit.

nystare=yarnwinder/winder (I think).

I need both of them!

Du tror inte man skulle orka starta en stickjunta i Uppsala? Är så urbota tråkigt att sitta och sticka själv ju :(

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