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Monday, April 03, 2006 

Where it's at

I'm on bind-off on the argyle vest, and I'm on needle-change on the shawl. I called maybe five different yarn stores last week and finally found a circular long enough for the rest of my shawl. If I have the time I'll go to Marias Garn this afternoon to pick it up. I think it's a good sign of credibility for a yarn store to have 100 and 120 cm circulars. Shame on the rest of you!

Sofie wants to knit socks, and I'm up for it. I've never knitted socks, but I have had my eyes on a pair from the Norsk Strikkedesign, with a separate toe with a heart on it... Might be a good gift for my Secret Pal! Yes, I've just joined my first Secret Pal and I'm so excited! I can't stop thinking about all the little things I will buy, make and send to my secret pal, not to mention receive. I love presents! I've spotted an outrageously luxurious silk yarn at Nysta, but didn't know what to do with it or for whom... but now I'm getting ideas.

Also, I've been looking around for the next big thing, and I think the next BIG thing will be the Aran Sweater in Vamsegarn, but that might be a couple of months. The next quite big thing I think will be this one, the sweet and hot nightie from Knitty, but slightly modified... I think I might have to crank up the gauge, since the sizes are quite far apart (probably because of the feather and fan lace repeats) and the M is quite big. As if 31 sts/10 cm wasn't enough. And also, I was thinking of making it shorter, more like a tank. And green. I think it might be an excellent little summer thing for those special occasions. Should I go for cotton, or a merino? Please advise.

Visst låter det roligt med sockor! Jag sitter och väntar på 2 sock-böcker som jag har beställt, sen ska här stickas! Klänningen var jättesnygg också!!

Du, förra veckan gick jag till Gino's på kvällen för jag hade jobbat så bra. Jag hann inte höra av mig till dig, och sen var inte du där! ); Jag är upptagen imorgon, men vi kan väl träffas där igen om du fortfarande kommer vara kvar på din praktik här i stan?

OK, det är ingen klänning, men nattlinne, då?

Om man är modig kan det vara en klänning...

Ja, sockor är kul. Fick hem "Vintage Socks" här rätt nyligen. Mycket trevligt. Jag sitter och väntar på mitt Vamsegarn till Aran-Monstret också :-)

Klänningen är kalas. Varför inte Karin Öbergs eller Yll o Tylls lin?

Kom och sticka med oss!

I love the nightgown, go for it! Thinking about getting a secret pal too, but am a bit worried about the "knitters and crocheters only" requirement. Can one be a knitter after only 2 finished projects? Hmm.. I joined the Sexy Knitter's Club to get some more credibility as a knitter.. ;)


If you want to be a knitter, you already are!

I want to be a sexy knitter too. In fact, I already am!

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